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About This Product


Bamboo Bottle:

An eco-friendly, reusable bottle made from sustainable bamboo, perfect for keeping beverages at the ideal temperature while reducing plastic waste.

Plantable Pen and Pencil Combo:

A unique writing set where both the pen and pencil are crafted from sustainable materials and embedded with seeds. Once they are too short to use, plant them to grow herbs or flowers.

Craft Paper Diary:

A stylish and durable diary made from recycled craft paper, ideal for jotting down notes, thoughts, and ideas in an environmentally responsible manner.

Bamboo Speaker:

A natural bamboo speaker that amplifies sound without needing electricity, offering a sustainable way to enjoy music and audio.

Coconut Shell Cup:

A charming and sustainable drinking cup made from repurposed coconut shells, adding a rustic touch to your beverage experience while promoting zero waste.


Important To Know


We need your logo and artwork in CDR or AI Format.

We will share artwork rendering for sampling and once approved proceed for production.

Printing on this product is digital or screen.

Packaging is standard please check with us for custom packing.

If you have specific requirements for a master carton please inform us.

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