Welcome Kit Program Catalogue

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BrandSTIK over the last few years has developed some of the most awesome welcome kits for their clients across the globe. 


These Welcome Kits have gone viral on social media and created the right imagery for the employer brand. 


We now introduce the updated 2023 catalog of Welcome Kits by BrandSTIK.


We have introduced many new products in this new range with a special focus on Sustainability with ‘Smaller Footprint’ range of products. 


Hope you enjoy the collection. Do connect with our sales team for more information on how we can make your welcome kits go viral.


Why Welcome Kit Program by BrandSTIK

- Experts managing the Welcome Kits program for over 250 companies.
- Over 100+ existing welcome kit options to choose
- Curate your own welcome kit from over 200+ product options across price levels.
- Shipping Across India directly to User Residences using branded packages
- We can stock and ship on demand. No need to stock at your end.
- Tracking and shipping services with 15+ courier companies
- Hybrid Mode: We offer online redemption of Welcome Kits as a secure link


View our One Pager (click here) or our Catalogue above. Do shortlist the products and let us know.


For more information connect with us at +91 9594070940/ 9167373749 or drop us a mail at info@brandstik.com


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