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About This Product


A FlowerPot with Bluetooth Speakers and Night LED Light. This flowerpot is sensitive to human touch and plays music upon touching the leaves of the plant placed inside this flowerpot. It is said that "Life is a poem" .


The nSound K3 comes with inbuilt touch sensors which act like a piano - touch the leaf and it plays a musical note. Each light touch creates a beautiful symphony. It’s a great way to interact with nature whilst humming on a beautiful tune.
We have added a bluetooth chip in this flowerpot which allows you to connect with the symphonies of your favourite songs. The nSound K3 connects easily with your device using the latest in bluetooth technology, allowing you to listen to music in the highest quality while being wireless!
The nSound K3 has been crafted and moulded by our best designers who’ve made sure to up the quotient of technological craft with their latest designs. The nSound K3 comes with a translucent ring which goes over the circumference of the pot and illuminates vibrant colours and shades in various modes. The best part of it all, this product is Made In India!
The nSound K3 comes with high performance lithium batteries which allows for it to work longer duration on a single charge. The inbuilt battery can be charged using the MicroUSB port with any 5v power source.
The number of times people have left their favorite plants and shrubs rot owning to the ability of over-watering them due to their haste is innumerable. Hence, we’ve added a tiny yet very important feature - the water scupper, which lets excess water drain away from your plant to ensure such incidents dont happen.


Important To Know


We need your logo and artwork in CDR or AI Format.
We will share artwork rendering for sampling and once approved proceed for production.
Printing on this product is digital or screen.
Packaging is standard please check with us for custom packing.
If you have specific requirement for master carton please inform us.