Sustainable Welcome kits

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As an organization committed to sustainability, we are sure you are always looking to take good steps which make a positive impact on the environment. We are happy to introduce a new range of welcome kits which are developed from sustainable products by our newest partner - Smaller Footprint Co. 

Smaller Footprint Co. believes everyone can take good steps towards a better tomorrow through sustainable products and choices. They offer eco-positive welcome kits which include reusable drinkware, eco-friendly pens, and recycled notebooks, canvas bags, among other items products which are made from sustainable or recycled materials, right here in India. 

You can view the catalog above. We will also be glad to curate unique gift sets, basis budget and requirements with custom branding for our clients. 

Take a good step by making your employee’s first day memorable with Smaller Footprint Welcome Kits.  


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