Smaller Footprint Bamboo Blend Apparel

We are excited to introduce our latest offering in corporate gifting: Sustainable Apparel range from Smaller Footprint Co. This eco-friendly apparel range includes round-neck t-shirts (women and men) & polo T-shirts (men) and kurtis, all of which are made from a proprietary blend of sustainably sourced bamboo with organic cotton. Smaller Footprint Co. also offers round-neck and polo t-shirts made from recycled PET. All apparel is available in a range of popular colors and across sizes. 


This apparel is the perfect symbol of a conscious corporation, whether for gifting to your employees and partners or for theme shirts for corporate events. What's more, we are happy to customize the apparel range with your brand logos and slogans as required to maximize the impact of your initiatives.


The Smaller Footprint Co. bamboo-organic cotton Blended apparel meets key certifications and sustainability standards. 


  • Certified Organic: GOTS and OCS-certified organic cotton ensures impeccable quality and upholds the highest standards of organic farming.
  • Sustainably Sourced: Meets the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standard, which verifies that the bamboo has been sourced responsibly.
  • Chemical-Free: We adhere to the stringent OEKO Tex Standard 100 certification, guaranteeing that our products are a harmonious blend of style and safety, free from harmful chemicals.


Customize with your company logo 

  • We can customize your Smaller Footprint Range of Apparel with your corporate logo in embroidery and printing format
  • MOQ only 25 pieces
  • Available Colours: Classic Black, Midnight blue, Cool White, Blush pink (women)
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large
  • Options: Classic Round Neck Tshirts (Men and Women), Men's Polo Neck Tshirt, Women's Kurti.

So take a Good Step and reach out to us today on +91 9594070940 or drop a line at to learn more about our offerings.

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