This Environment Day 2024, Help Your Employees Live More Sustainably with Smaller Footprint

World Environment Day is a great occasion for companies to share the message with their ecosystem that Living sustainably is much easier than one thinks, just a few small and simple lifestyle changes can add up to a significant positive impact on the environment. We invite company leaders across functions to facilitate these conversations across your organization to inspire sustainable living that benefits your people, your purpose, and the planet. At Smaller Footprint, we offer support to co

Online/Offline Workshops: 60-90 minutes

These will help your employees understand and adopt a few good steps in their daily lives. Be it simplifying sustainable living with practical actions or making natural cleaners or segregating waste to avoid it ending in landfills.

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Our GoodSteps Newsletter can focus on educating and training employees on various topics.

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Expert Panels:

We also on request can include an expert panel discussion and invite questions from employees.

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Sustainability eStore

We can develop a sustainability e-store which will promote recycled and reused product sales to employees. These can be online and offline.

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Sustainable Products

You can also gift sustainable products to your employees, customers and help them reduce their footprints by focusing on recycled products. 

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