Saas Platform To Automate Your Rewards, Gifting And Promotional Merchandise Projects

Gifting project - Do you spend lot of time and efforts in collecting addresses and tracking shipments? BrandSTIK cloud platform makes your Rewards programs simpler and easier.

Eliminate Operational Hassles.

Executing reward or gifting Projects is tough as it involves lot of time and efforts - collecting addresses, tracking shipments, co-ordinating with vendors, escalations from users etc. With FOXBOX Rewards, you eliminate most of these and allow the platform to handle the operational aspects.

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Launch Projects Faster.

Once you setup the FOXBOX Rewards Platform, launching any kind of projects would be a breeze - in a matter of minutes. Just select the user and add points or rewards to his account. The possibilities are infinite.

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Create a Wow Experience for Your Users.

With the FOXBOX Rewards Platform, you can make sure that your employees, customers and channel partners are ready for a seamless experience to redeem their rewards or gifts. Get them motivated by providing a wow experience.

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Partner with the best.

FOXBOX Rewards has executed projects for over 800 companies. It provides integrated tech, rewards catalogue, supply chain, warehousing, inventory solution through a first rate enterprise grade SAAS Platform. That's an unbeatable combination to find anywhere in the country.

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Custom Built Solution.

We have developed a solution for most use cases in the domain of rewards, gifting and loyalty. From a simple point based redemption platform to a complicated multi country merchandise distribution model, we have it all. And if we don't have one to suit you, we develop one for you. Do check our use cases below.

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Solutions for HR | People

Employee Rewards and Recognition Platform: Automate reward programs where employees can receive points and redeem them against a fab catalog.

Employee Company BrandSTORE Platform:  A centrally approved company online brand logo store for employees to buy merchandise.

Employee Gifting and Merchandise Redemption Platform:  Allow employees to redeem their choice of gifts or company-branded merchandise online.

Employee OnBoarding Kits Platform: Companies can securely provide links to new joinees to remotely redeem their onboarding kits.

Long Term Service Awards Platform: Now automate long-term service awards through FOXBOX Rewards Platform for online redemption.

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Marketing | Sales Use Cases

Event-Based Redemption eStore Platform: Send gifts/swags/merchandise to your attendees or customers across the world using the platform.

Brand STORE for Channel Partners Platform: Develop an official brand store for ordering authorized company branded merchandise for channel partners, customers and employees.

Sales Incentives Platform: Design and launch reward program for customers and channel partners.

Customer and Channel Rewards Platform: Automate your incentive programs by providing reward points against targets and offer exicting rewards on the platform.

Customer Referral Platform: Provide incentives to customers to refer your product or service through the FOXBOX Rewards platform.

Customer Acquisition Program: Offer brand coupon codes platform for new customers of your product or service.

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