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Best Collection Of Pen Drives For Corporate Gifting | BrandSTIK

Custom logo branded USB gifts with catchy designs. New promotional pen drives with Capacity: 8GB, 16GB, 32GB. Check out exclusive BrandSTIK pen drive collection.

Key Shape Pen Drive

The key to your next house, the key to your next car, the key to your next travel holiday or the key to your next big business success. Brand it any which way, these custom logo branded key USB gifts has a catchy design that ensures that you can conveniently pair it with your keys so you never forget them when you need them the most. Capacity: 8GB, 16GB, 32GB

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Metal Stylus Pen Drive

A metal finishes promotional pen drive that also comes loaded with a smart stylus function at the back of the USB for you to smartly navigate between multiple screens of your smart devices without getting them dirty. The multiple usage features of this device ensure that it gets classified amongst the best buy options of promotional USB options at attractive prices when ordering in bulk for corporate gifting purpose. Capacity: 8GB, 16GB, 32GB

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Metal Hook Shape Pen Drive

The metal hook USB attaches a tiny, metal USB with a durable hinged hook for easily securing to a briefcase, purse, backpack, keychain, etc. The innovative hook structure ensures that this USB is easily tethered to a daily use item so you do not forget this custom branded pen drive. Capacity: 8GB, 16GB, 32GB

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Credit Card Pen Drive

The Credit Card USB is one of the slimmest and easy to carry USB gifts out there. Its convenient slim shape makes it one of the best USB gifts to carry around for promotional purpose. Easily carry this logo branded USB for promotional usage in your wallet, stationery pouch, purse or just about anywhere. Capacity: 8GB, 16GB, 32GB

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SanDisk Cruzer Blade Pen drive 2.0

SanDisk Cruzer Blade USB 2.0 flash drive boasts a classy compact design featuring a large data storage capacity. Now you can conveniently backup, transfer, share and carry your favourite media like movies, music, video clips or pictures with you everywhere you go. Capacity: 8GB, 16GB, 32GB

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SanDisk Force Pen Drive

The sturdy flash drive which is meant to safely save all your data is here. It has a USB v2.0 interface which allows high speed data transfer between devices. Load your favourite music tracks, movies, presentations or documents and access them anytime you want from any device fitted with a USB interface. Capacity: 16GB, 32GB

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SanDisk Ultra Dual USB 3.0 Pen Drive

Transfer Files Easily from Your Smartphone or Tablet, Using the SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive, you can easily move files from your Android smartphone or tablet1 to your computer, freeing up space for music, photos, or HD videos2, and compatible with the smartphone brands i.e. Acer, ASUS, CoolPad, Datawind, Gionee, HTC, Huawei, Lenovo, LG, Meizu, Micromax, Motorola, OPPO, Nokia, Samsung, Sharp, Sony Xperia, Spice, Teldat, Vivo, Xiaomi and ZTE. Capacity: 16GB, 64GB

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HP V220W USB 2.0 Pen Drive

HP v220w USB Flash Drive is the World Smallest Slim Hp Pen Drive.Save your data on it and transfer it quickly from PC to PC. It makes sharing your world with your friends, family and colleagues really easy. Its compact form gives you a better grip while plugging it in. Capacity: 8GB, 16GB, 32GB

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