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Eco-friendly packaging products from BrandSTIK to inspire green thinking. BrandSTIK provides end to end solution with eco-friendly kits. Browse here for the collections

Eco Friendly Paper Bag

Made with 100% Eco-friendly product. made using high-strength brown Kraft paper completely bio-degradable, recyclable, and reusable material. High strength paper used, these bags can easily be used 5 to 6 times without any problem, thoughtfully created designs to give you the best experience

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Eco Friendly Hamper Box

Perfect packaging to simply define what's within. Elegant looking, strong-built, easy to open, reusable, and eco-friendly. This hamper box comes with a lid, is spacious and its rigid material provides protection, sustainability, and durability.

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Eco Friendly Portable Package

A 100% Recycled, Curbside Recyclable Paper Mailer it is surprisingly water-resistant, fully recyclable & naturally biodegradable. 

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Eco Friendly Mailer Box

A great two-for-one option! These stylish boxes are perfect to both present your product and send directly in the mail. A great e-commerce solution for your gift, subscription, or retail product box

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Eco Friendly Miniature Box

100% Eco-friendly Miniature box to carry your essentials. This box may be small in size but is highly durable and fits in a small space. An Eco Friendly towards the better environment 

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