Make Diwali-Gifts Distribution Hassle Free Using FOXBOX Rewards Online Platform

BrandSTIK, well known for the best Diwali gifts for employees, has developed FOXBOX Rewards, an Online Redemption Platform for the distribution of Diwali gifts to employees. Call us now.

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Diwali Gifts Distribution

Are you planning to give Diwali Gifts to your employees but concerned on the how-to distribute them when most employees are working from home.

This challenge is not just for Diwali gifts but for any employee engagement program where employees have to receive some gifts/merchandise from the company.

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FOXBOX Online Redemption Platform

BrandSTIK has developed a state-of-the-art SAAS based platform, FOXBOX Rewards which offers a solution for the distribution of Diwali gifts and any other swag/merchandise/gifts to employees by providing an Online Swag/Gifts Redemption Platform.

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Eliminate Operational Hassles

Most of the concerns above like collecting addresses, tracking orders, report generation are addressed by the FOXBOX Rewards platform, but that’s not all, it offers much more in terms of benefits which can make this platform even better than the traditional process.

With companies adopting a hybrid model relevance of such a platform will always exist.

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Allow Employees to choose their own Gift

Seldom do all employees prefer the standard gift all get since all have unique choices. When a company spends money, it would prefer the employee also shares the excitement of the gift and if he is not motivated by that gift the whole effort goes for a toss. Through the platform, you can provide each individual a choice from which he can choose. The project team can choose 3-5 options with the same budget and then employees can select the gift of their choice.

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How BrandSTIK Powered ConnectWise's Contactless Diwali Gifting Platform

BrandSTIK executed a massive 1500 employees Diwali Redemption Program of Connectwise through its proprietary online SAAS Platform FOXBOX Rewards which uses Address Verification system to save time for its client to take address from its employees.

All employees where given a choice to redeem Amul products from their budgeted allocation.

Here are the Steps:

1) A Diwali Gift Redemption Portal is developed.

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Employee Login

2) Points are credited to the Customers/employee’s account equivalent to the Diwali budgeted gift amount. The customer/employee can visit Diwali Gift Redemption Portal and login using email or mobile number.

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Gift Selection

3) He can redeem the gift from the selection curated by the company for employees.

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Add Product to Cart

You can order a particular product, by clicking add to cart. Similarly click add to cart on all products you wish to redeem.

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Enter Shipping Address

Once redeemed he can enter the shipping details.

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Track Shipment

The Diwali Gift is shipped directly to the employee. He can track it online.

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Receive Reports

Company Receives Reports of all the redemption Hassle free, convenient and efficient way of rewarding employee.

If you would like to quickly distribute Diwali gifts for your employees/ customers please contact us for an online demo.

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