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Corporate gifting during Covid-19. Stay Home, Stay Safe. BrandSTIK provides end to end solution with COVID 19 essential kits Browse here for the collections

Care4life Steam Inhaler

Care4life steam inhaler 3 in 1 Facial Steam Vaporizer, Face Steamer, Cough Steamer, Nozzle Inhaler & Nose Vaporizer Machine For Cold and Cough. It is suitable for respiratory ailments therapy, aromatherapy, cold nose and throat treatment.Facial Steamer get used for beauty purpose. You can use the sauna during facial, massaging and at the time of clean up. The vaporizer helps to clear the clogs and rejuvenates your skin .

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Pulse Oximeter

Finger Pulse Oximeter Is An Affordable And Accurate Way To Check Pulse Rates And Blood Oxygen Saturation Levels. Self-Adjusting Finger Clamp Plus Simple One-Button Design Allows For Easy Operation. 

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Infrared Thermometer

A Non Contact, highly accurate Temperature Measurement Thermometer. 

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Savlon Spray Sanitiser

Savlon Surface Disinfectant Spray protects your family by providing an effective germ-kill. Incredibly versatile with a fresh & pleasant smell. Can be used on a wide variety of hard and soft surfaces around your home and office.

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Organic India Ayush Kwath

Immunity Booster: A blend of the healing Tulsi, along with Cinnamon, Ginger, and Black Pepper, this formulation is ideal for boosting the immune system.

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Green Tea


Fine green tea with the perfect balance of aroma and flavor. Contains Vietnamese green tea leave & has a grassy flavor in taste with a hint of seaweed. The thermogenic properties of green tea boosts your immunity and metabolism, and helps you lose weight.

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Disinfectant Spray Sanitiser

Healing Touch Multi-surface disinfectant spray instantly eliminates germs on hard and soft surfaces. Healing Touch Multi-surface disinfectant spray kills 99.9% of germs including bacteria, virus, fungi etc.

360° easy to use Atomized Spray (Spray is even & Uniform and product can be sprayed invert position also).

Healing Touch Multi-Surface Disinfectant Spray has quick action and fast-dry surface sanitization formula.

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True Elements Antioxidant Mix Seeds

ANTIOXIDANT RICH: Power packed with antioxidants, antioxidant mix seeds can help in fighting off the free radicals and save you from immunity disorders

OVERALL HEALTH: Since these seeds are rich in vitamin E, they can help in preventing hair loss and strengthen the scalp. The presence of fatty acids such as omega-3 fats can also help in avoiding wrinkles

IMMUNITY BOOSTER: This pack consists of Pumpkin seeds which contain magnesium in high amounts, thus helping in keeping you away from immunity disorders. They are rich in zinc which might contribute in boosting the immunity

DIET SNACK: Being low in calories, mix seeds can help in reducing the extra weight and avoid you from the intake of high calorie junk foods

NO ADDED SUGAR: These mix seeds are free from any added refined sugars, which can be good for maintaining the insulin levels of the blood

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Nutty Gritties Sport Mix

INGREDIENTS: Mixed dry fruits- Roasted Nuts - Almonds, Cashews Nuts, Pistachios, Dried Blueberries, Dried Cranberries, Raisins

ENERGY-BOOSTING healthy snack for kids and adults: Almonds, Cashew Nuts and Pistachios are a powerhouse of omega-3, omega-6 fatty acids and anti-oxidants that increase energy levels. Snack on them at any time of the day or night when you feel hungry or low on energy

High in DIETARY FIBRE- (11g in 100g) - Improves your digestive health by preventing constipation. It promotes regular bowel movements.

HOW TO EAT: Snack on it at any time! A great snack to have before or after a workout, yoga class, sports activities. Healthy snacking option for kids' lunchboxes. Add to salads, smoothies, yogurt or oats!

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Honey Twigs

Premium and Unadulterated Multiflora honey is a blend of multiple flower nectar from the Northern Belt of India. Enjoy the Single Serve Twigs straight or drizzle the honey on your favourite beverage or food. Each Twig is packed with 8grams of honey, making it a perfect TEASPOON Pack. No More messy spoons or mess, simply Tear, Squeeze and Enjoy the Natural Sweetness of our HONEY!

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Smoor Giloy Chocolate Barks

Enjoy these 82 % dark chocolate barks with cranberries, sunflower seeds and turmeric, enriched with the goodness of giloy known to boost immunity

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Hand Sanitizer

Takes less time than traditional hand washing with soap and water

Acts fast to kill microorganisms

Easy and quick to use

Reduces the risk of spreading illness and bacteria.

Portable and convenient

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3 Layer mask

Anti pollution

Anti dust

Anti bacterial

Top layer - Polyester fabric 

Middle layer - German filter paper

Bottom layer - cotton fabric

Filter paper will last up to 20-25 wash

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WILDCRAFT 6 Layer W-95 Hypa Shield Mask

Engineered with a 6-layered triple filtration system, the HYPASHIELD W95 reusable protection mask is your perfect outdoor essential. This mask is reusable up to 30 gentle hand washes. Carefully designed for all weather conditions, keeping breathability and comfort in mind. Innovative 2-panel design for universal fit. Adjustable nose clip for enhanced protection. Soft, elastic ear loops for extra comfort. Minimal eyewear fogging. Low heat build-up. Convenient flat-fold design for easy storage.


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Heiq Viroblock treated Antimicrobial mask carrier pouch: Allows to carry the mask safely. It ensures that the mask is protected inside the pouch and is not directly exposed

Water repellent & splash resistant: The mask construction & treatment makes it water repellent & splash resistant. Hence ensures that it does not get dirty & soiled even after wearing for long period

Dermatologically tested chemical treatment: Heiq Viroblock NPJ03 is US EPA registered, EU BPR & EU REACH compliant. This ensures that it is safe and harmless to skin & body

Unique Design that is proprietary property of Kamadgiri Fashion Limited: The mask provides utmost comfort to the wearer even after wearing for long duration. Its unique ergonomics allows increased comfort & protection. The combination of mask & headband ensures that there is no discomfort behind ears even after wearing for long duration

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Covid Key


DAILY ESSENTIAL : while operating ATM / Credit Card Machines with NO TOUCH Saftey tool Degined for use for Kids & Adults

LIGHT WEIGHT :Can easily fit your Pocket, Handbags or can be hanged in your Icard Strap


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