Now charge all your digital devices with one stylish charger – TechMaxx Range of Power Banks.

Have you ever been frustrated when your mobile battery gave away just as you were finishing an important conversation on your mobile. How many times at the airport have you regretted not charging your battery enough which did not allow you to enjoy music on you iPod or watch a movie on your tablet. Now be better prepared.

TECHMAXX : POWER BANK/ PORTABLE CHARGERSEmpower yourself with New series of Power Banks / Portable Charger – TECHMAXX.

Our first product in the range is powered with an all powerful 4000 mAH lithium battery ( even the Samsung Galaxy SIV is powered with 2650 mAh battery), which ensures it can charge all devices including iPod, iPad, iPhones, mobile phones, MP3/MP4 players, digital cameras, GPS, PDA, PSP, Bluetooth and other digital devices on the go!