Music Special : Stylish Promotional Earphones

Everybody seems to be wearing earphones and headphones these days. With the advent of mobile revolution this is a must have gadget in people’s life. We introduce some nice promotional earphone which is extremely popular world over a in a super stylized packaging.

Custom Promotional Earphones

A promotional earphone is extremely functional and well appreciated as a business gift. Although they comes in many designs today we will share the most popular design

Custom Promotional Earphones

This one is ccompatible with a wide range of devices which includes mobiles tablets, laptops, MP3 and MP4 players, the promotional earphone is extremely cost effective and highly useful to the recipient and has space to print your logo.

That they also provide a reasonable performance, promotional earphone are the ideal giveaway promotional item that people really appreciate.


–          In-ear headphones including matching color tube packaging.

–          Impedance 320HM, sensitivity 108dB, frequency 20Hz~20KHz, related input power 15MW.

–          Colours Available – White, Black, Red, Blue

–          MOQ 250 pcs.

–          Custom Branding Possible.

Bluetooth Speakers with suction cup.

Music related promotional products always have a high likeability quotient among its recipient primarily since it connects with every individual. Currently the trending music promotional product are Bluetooth Speakers.

Bluetooth Speaker - BrandSTIK

At BrandSTIK we pride ourselves in launching unique designs and functionality. So this week have a Suction Based Bluetooth Speaker

So with a suction Bluetooth speaker you can listen wireless to your favourite music anywhere and in any position. This Bluetooth speaker comes with a suction at the base which can enable you to stick this speaker just about anywhere, on the wall or table etc

The minimum order qty is only 100 pcs and is available in striking colours. One can custom imprint the logo as required. It’s a special release from BrandSTIK and the turnaround time is 3-4 weeks.

Promotional Can Speaker

If you need to provide some funky speaker option, BrandSTIK present Promotional Can speakers.These resemble the shapes of some of the popular beverage brands in the world. One can simply connect the USB wire to your laptop of mobile and it activates speaker function

There are 5 brands of can speaker in stock Pepsi, Fanta, Coke, 7up, Heineken artwork.

Branding though limited can be in form of sticker pasting. These are available in ready stock and MOQ of only 100 pcs.  Promotional Can Shape Speakers - BrandSTIK