Green Gifts This Diwali with BrandSTIK

Lighten the burden on Mother Nature’s shoulders by doing your part to save her and bring about a greener future, with desktop plants for your employees and clients desks. Customized with your company’s logo and branding.

1. Airplant Terrarium 

Can be stored for months without water.

2. Zen Bottles

Tiny succulent plants in open glass terrariums. Desktop plant that needs very little water. Care instructions included.

3. Zen Shorts

Tiny succulent plants in shot glasses. Succulent – desktop plant that need very little water.

4. Bamboo Stick It

Bamboo Fridge Magnet ‘Lucky’ Bamboo shoots in clear glass vials. Need only water to grow. In a pure wood holder with magnet. Storage convenience.

5. Living Photo Frames

Photo Frames lined with real, zero-watering ‘air-plant grasses’. Rare species of ‘moss-grasses’ that need no watering.

6. Vertical Garden Frames

7. Desk Terrariums

Make an office desk statement. Succulent in glass vase with decorative sand and stones. Care instructions included.

8. Jade Bonsai

Lucky Jade in classic ceramic planters. Jade Bonsai in ceramic pot. Needs only once a week watering. With care instructions card.

Develop one for your brand with a minimum order quantity: as low as 100 pcs. For more information or to see a sample, drop us a mail on, you can call us on +91 8879383935, Whatsapp us on +91 7506454524, or chat with us live on our website

Desktop : Green Desk Policy

Another interesting eco friendly promotional product to be launched this week is the green desk policy. A classic looking desktop items which features 3 function including  digital clock, card holder and pen holder.

BrandSTIK - Green Desk Policy

This has a built in solar panel which is neatly designed The silicon pad absorbs sun light efficiently into the built in battery. It even charges through normal tube light so perfect for office  use

The panel powers the clock. The clock features alarm, calendar , temperature and countdown function with 12/24 hour format. There is a pen holder option and a business holder option which you can set up in the module given in the package

The comes in symbolic white and green colour combination. And branding in upto 4 colours can be provided. The packaging is a white box

This wonderful product can be ordered for  100 pcs at a time.