Worlds Thinnest Pen Drive : Credit Card Pen Drives

Credit Card Pen Drives are the most popular pen drive in the world because of their thin form factor. It can be easily placed in your pocket or wallet and carried around. Moreover you can save content in non erasable format from our specialized factory settings.

Credit Card Pen drives

These credit card pen drive also offers the best branding space with 4C digital print on both sides of the card. Its extremely easy to use and portable.

These credit card pen drives are available in various packaging including paper box , plastic or the premium leather casing.

Avaliable in 4 and 8 GB in ready stock and 2 , 16 GB in custom made to order these have a quick turnaround time. You can order even 50 pcs

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Credit Card Pen Drives with Non Erasable Data

With pen drives being the preferred mode of distributing brand content among customers and channel partners, BrandSTIK introduces a new standard service which includes saving brand content in non erasable format on their most popular credit card pen drives.
8.00002_Credit Card Pendrives

Credit Card Pen Drives provide the largest branding space with digital 4C printing on both sides. These are available in custom packing options. Available capacity 2,4,8,16 GB

Printing is done at BrandSTIK Hongkong Office thus ensuring world class finish. Delivery anywhere in the world one location including India. Non Erasable data is chip locked and hence cannot be deleted even after formatting the disk.

Personalized Name Credit Card Pen Drive

Credit Card Pen Drives with individual names on each pen drive is the latest innovation from BrandSTIK.

Personalized Credit Card Pen Drive - BrandSTIK1


With this innovation, one can actually print individual names on each credit card pen drive which makes it really special to the one who receives it. It can be also used as a visiting card among the senior management team of the companies.  The background image and other content remains constant while the name keeps changing. If you want to impress your customers with personalized name printed flash drives this is the best option

Personalized Credit Card Pen Drive - BrandSTIK


Credit Card Pen Drives is extremely popular from among companies because of the great branding space it offers. Besides Pen Drives have a great utility value so it’s always the most preferred choice. Also they being so slim can be carried around in the wallets,. Also companies can save brand content in erasable or non erasable format which create better impact among customers.

Credit card pen drive are available in 4 and 8 GB capacity in ready stock ( even 16 and 32 GB capacity is available on custom orders. The Credit Card Pen Drives come in nice transparent plastic box.   Minimum quantity is as low as 50 pcs and available in 3-5 days turnaround time