Premium : EVIO WaveSOUND Bluetooth Speakers

EViO WaveSOUND is the next generation Bluetooth speaker which has the proprietary WAVESOUND design and twin 3W Loudspeakers with acoustic enhancement system .


EVIO WaveSound Bluetooth Speaker

A combination of stunning looks and professional sound quality. EViO WaveSOUND is a portable wireless stereo speaker &speakerphone able to stream music from any Bluetooth A2DP device including iPhone, iPad ?or even iPod Touch. The EViO WaveSOUND is equality compatible with all other phones ,PCs and MP3 players that support Bluetooth A2DP Integrated Passive Radiator Delivers Thumping Bass

The EViO WaveSOUND doesn?t just work for Bluetooth devices but comes with a 3.5mm line in port cable so you can connect the speakers to nearly anything you want. Integrated Microphone Allows Crisp Conference Calling The speaker phone comes with an integrated microphone. This is perfect if you?re listening to music and you receive an incoming call as it allows you to answer the phone call and speak clearly through the speaker phone at the touch of a button.

You can but one here or order OEM

Bluetooth Speakers with suction cup.

Music related promotional products always have a high likeability quotient among its recipient primarily since it connects with every individual. Currently the trending music promotional product are Bluetooth Speakers.

Bluetooth Speaker - BrandSTIK

At BrandSTIK we pride ourselves in launching unique designs and functionality. So this week have a Suction Based Bluetooth Speaker

So with a suction Bluetooth speaker you can listen wireless to your favourite music anywhere and in any position. This Bluetooth speaker comes with a suction at the base which can enable you to stick this speaker just about anywhere, on the wall or table etc

The minimum order qty is only 100 pcs and is available in striking colours. One can custom imprint the logo as required. It’s a special release from BrandSTIK and the turnaround time is 3-4 weeks.