Retro Themed Calendars : Try Something New this Year

BrandSTIK takes you back to the good old days this New Year with the Retro Themed Calendars. Gift your employees and clients these calendars, customized with your branding and logo, and promote your company’s visibility all year round. Try something new this year with these innovative calendars; perfect at bringing a pop of colour to your employees and clients desks.

For more information or to see a sample, drop us a mail on or call us on +91 8879383935.

Retro Typewriter Calendar : Finished size of the typewriter body is about 10 cm width, 9 cm depth and 6 cm height. Add 10 cm for visible height of the date cards.

Retro Grand Piano Calendar : Finished size of the grand piano is about 5 inches length, 4 inches width and 5.25 inches height when the top lid is open. (12.7cm by 10.2 cm by 13.3cm)

Develop one for your brand with a minimum order quantity: as low as 100 pcs. All our Products come with a warranty. For more information or to see a sample, drop us a mail on, you can call us on +91 8879383935, Whatsapp us on +91 7506454524, or chat with us live on our website

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